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Physical Vapor Deposition

Physical Vapor Deposition

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To achieve the best possible adhesion of the coating to the substrate's surface Plasma Tech uses the combination of PlasNit™ and PVD coating process.

PVD coating can hardface drilling and cutting tools and increase there lifetimes up to 6 times. there expensive prices cause, customers to recoat the tools with Plasma Tech PVD coating and increase there efficiency

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The PVD technology consists of three primary deposition methods, evaporation, sputtering and cathodic arc.

The PVD coating process is an environmentally friendly vacuum coating process that has the ability to apply various films at various process temperatures. This flexibility allows coatings to be applied to a variety of substrates.

Components manufactured from plastic to steel have been successfully coated using the PVD coating process.


-Coatings can be deposited from room temperature to as high as 500 degrees Celsius depending on the substrate and the application.

- The PVD process provides a more uniform deposit, improved adhesion up to six times greater in some cases, wider choice of materials to be deposited and there are no harmful chemicals to dispose of. -----   - Because PVD coating is more environmentally friendly and chemical disposal costs are minimal, the cost of PVD coating and electroplating is very close on some products.

- We can use PVD coatings on decorative and luxury pieces for there beautiful colors


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 There are many types of PVD Coatings suchas:





PVD Coating Applications:

Injection Molds - Rubber Molds

Trim Dies - Punches

Draw Dies - Medical Devices - Extrusion Dies - Ejector Pins

Packaging Knives - Machine Wear Components

Decorative Hardware - Slitting Knives

End Mills - Broaches - Inserts

Taps - Burrs


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