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Plasma tech is equipped with fully automatic weld cladding machines with full five axis control for weld cladding pipeline component and oilfield equipment.

The machines are capable of handling task from 50 mm NB to 3.0 meter diameter – parts of pressure vessel ; flanges; fitting like Tees , Bends, Elbow, Reducers, Caps; Valves; X-MAS Tree component; Heat exchanger related component; Down hole rig component ; valve components.


عکس کلدینگ بلوک       DSC 0075


Plasma Tech specializes in the application of abrasion-resistant overlays to both internal and external surfaces of pipe spools and Christmas tree valve , primarily chromium and tungsten carbides for use in piping systems for non-expansible fluids, and therefore generally outside the scope of ABSA.

Plasma Tech has selectively focused on internal overlays of  XMass tree valve various wall thicknesses . Innovative technology from PlasmaTech provides a weld overlay process that meets all ASME and International standards and customer project requirements. The system also satisfies all quality and technical requirements without an adverse effect on cost.Plasma Tech weld procedures and welders are fully qualified in accordance with the ASME customer specifications



85       DSC 5151       DSC 5122


Manufacturing Capabilities

Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2) and Tungsten Carbide Overlays (WC-Co)

Open Arc Welding of Complex Carbide; Chromium Carbide and Tungsten Carbide in Single or Multi-pass overlay

         Straight Pipe Overlaid:

o   10-inch NPS to 36-inch NPS

o   Lengths of 20-feet maximum

         Pipe Bends Overlaid

o   10-inch NPS to 48 inch NPS

o   1.5D, 3D, 5D Bend Radius