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Oil and gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

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1-Ball, Gate valve

Ball valve and gate valve are usable valves in oil and gas industry that because of abrasive particle in extraction oilsubject to wear and corrosion. plasmatech co uses thermal spray process to apply hard and wear resistance carbide coatings.





IMG 0511

2- I Block

It is one of the set valves that include different parts and inistall on the oil well. Oil that extract from well have many impurities and abrasive particles that make erosion with corrosion condition. Plasmatech co uses hot wire cladding to clad anti corrosion and wear alloys on inner side of valve and improve its lifetime.





mud rotor

3- Mud rotor

One of the most important parts in directional drilling industry is mud rotor. This part coated with hard chrome plating in past, but due to pitting corrosion and breakdown of it while working, nowadays thermal spray carbide coatings are substitute chrome plating coatings due to the more than 1000 hr working time.




4- Stabilize

Stabilizer is used In drilling and located on top of the drilling bit. The Stabilizer is used to stabilize the drilling axis during operation. In order to increase wear resistance of it, carbide particles with welding method, cladded on surface it by PTAW






5- Reamer

Reamer is used to make holes slightly larger in sections of well, and come to fixed or collapsible types. in parts of oil well. Wear resistance cladding coatings are normally applied on leading edges of the tool and body.





hole ppener 01

6- Hole opener

This part is a tool used for enlarge the borehole during a well drilling operation. Hole opener is used to make the borehole significantly bigger up to 50 inches. Metallic base with hard reinforcement compound coatings are applied with welding method on this part.






7- Rock drill bit

Drill bits of different designs are used for making the bore hole. Protection of cutters and bodies can be do with wear resistance coatings applied by welding method.