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Refinery Industry

Refinery Industry

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Piston Rods 1.161131942 std

1-Piston Rod

Piston rod is one of the compressor parts that it have critical work conditions such as: high pressure, wear and corrosion. Plasmatech co apply anti wear and corrosion coatings on this part.



Hydrocracking mega installation Stock Photo

2- Hydrocracker reactor

Feedstock in hydrocracker, with use of arrival hydrogen from hydrogen making unit, cracked and gasoline, kerosene and other fuels is produced. Presence of H2S in Reactor tank, cause corrosion on side wall and for prevention of it, austenitic stainless steel is cladded on it. Welding have special problems E.g in high temperature cycling operation, leads to formation of crack networks in the overlay. Thermal spray coating due to reduce the heat input to substrate could be used to repair the overlay.




heat exchanger

3- Heat exchanger channel cover

Heat exchanger channel is located besides of hydrocracker reactor and work condition is similar to hydrocracker. Thermal spray coating of stainless steel used for different parts of it.




seprator vessel

4- High pressure separator vessel

A separator is a large vessel designed to separate production fluids into their constituent components of oilgas and water. This unit was made from 0.5Mo-carbon steel and left unprotected. The high temperature sulfur and ammonia environment cause general corrosion and pits on walls. Thermal spraying can be applied for corrosion prevention of this vessel.



sulfur condenser

5- Sulfur condenser

In desulfurization section of petroleum; towers, condensers, channels are used that make from carbon steel and exposure to sulfur vapor so corroded. For preventing of corrosion, stainless steels are thermal sprayed with HVOF method.





6- Thermowell

Thermowell is kind of tube coupling that is fixed in one side and it has role of maintenance of thermometer. Stellite thermal spray coatings was first protective coatings that used.





7- Pumps

Pump casing is made from wear and corrosion resistance materials or coated with this resistant alloys. Pump impellers such as boiler feeder pump that is subjected to cavitation damage are made with anti cavitation alloys and some area that have high wear, coated with carbide coatings.




case wear ring

8-Wear rings

This part is thermal sprayed with chrome carbide alloys for using in high wear environment.