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Textile Industry

Textile Industry

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The profitable operation of modern, highly productive textile machines depends largely on how well the key components that make contact with the fibers and threads resist wear and tear. At many stages in the processing line, the surface finish has a direct influence on the produced quality. Coatings have to meet the requirements for:

1-     Uniform thread quality guaranteed by a surface that remains unchanged over the service life of the component.

2-     Increased processing speed achieved by improved wear resistance.

3-     Component surfaces that can be easily repaired if damaged.

One important point in coated parts is non conduction Static electricity from thread to parts.


godet roll

1-Godet Rolls, Groved Roll

Rolls that used in production line of thread and thread passes from them. This rolls are available in different sizes and some of them have grooves on surfaces. For coating of these rolls, high hardness and wear resistance oxide coatings with plasmatech co are used.






2-Thread guide

This part is one of the most used parts in textile industry that have wear. plasmatech co uses mixture of oxide coatings to reduce wear.






guide 1