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Steel Industry

Steel Industry

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1-Bridle Roll

This roll is used for tension control in steel strips that pass from acid pickling, annealing and galvanizing units. to avoid slippage between strip and roll, Surface roughness of roll should be enough. Furthermore surface of roll should be wear resistance to surface roughness cant change. Plasmatech co apply carbide wear resistance coatings on this roll with use of HVOF process.





furnace roll

2-Furnace roll

The majority of cold rolled steel is heat treated (annealed or normalized) in continuous annealing lines in order to improve the ductility of steel sheet. The steel sheet passes through the various sections of the heat treatment furnace in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Furnace roll is used in heat treatment furnace with 730-830 temperature. The roll material must be corrosion resistant under the high temperature reducing conditions and be able to withstand multiple temperature cycles without failure also it must be wear resistant. Plasmatech co apply cermet carbide coatings on this roll.





sink roll


3- Sink roll

To protect Steel sheets in corrosive media, both sides of steel sheet coated with zink based coatings. One of the most important rolls in zink bath of galvanizing line is sink roll. This roll is made from 316L stainless steel and submerged in liquid zink bath so it corroded and its functionality and operating lifetime is reduced. Plasmatech co applied thermal spray carbide coatings to protect it part from corrosion.

Sleeve, bearing and bush used for sink roll is corroded and increases wear. Plasmatech co applied cobalt base coatings such as stellite 1 and Tribaloy T-800 on bushes and protect their from corrosion.



pinch roll

4- Pinch roll

Pinch roll is located in the last stage of hot rolling line. This roll have condition of hot wear and corrosion due to touch with hot steel sheet. Plasmatech co improve lifetime of this roll with applying clad coatings with 52 -55 Rc hardness with submerged arc welding method.One of the characteristics of this coating is non adhesion of oxide flake to surface roll that cause increase in final surface of steel sheet








5- Run out table roll

There are series of rolls in cooling section of hot rolling line. There are many water showers on top of the sheet that do cooling of sheet. One of the most important problem of these rolls are wear and corrosion. To improve these problems, plasmatech co applies cladding coatings. advantageous of this coating in comparison of other Ni base coatings is suitable price of it such that final price of this roll is 20% more than non coating roll and 50% cheaper than roll with Ni base coating. Important properties of this coating is high wear resistance and ability of restoration with custom grinding methods that decrease costs.




crane wheel01

6- Crane wheel

Crane wheels that used in steel industry are worn. Cost of building new crane wheels are so high and There is no economic efficiency. Plasmatech co could restore sizes of worn crane wheels with cladding method with any change in wear behavior of them






Hot steel coil

7- Hot steel coil

At first In coiling step of strip, it sended to mandrel and two wrapper rolls force it to turn in to coil. Temperature of strip is high (1400 ) therefore in contact of strip with these rolls, harsh wear and gully is crated. Cladding coatings are used for this part








8- Coiling mandrel

The transfer of coils to other continuous process lines requires the coil to be unwound then rewound, holding the core of the coil tightly wrapped for this aim coiling mandrel is used. For coating of coiling mandrel, HVOF carbide coating